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Manufacturer:  YOUNG MICRO
Mfg Part # YM-NPFH100-ACDC SKU# 10513812
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Key selling bullets:

  • Type: AC/DC Home Travel and Car charger
  • Input voltage: AC 110~240V / Auto DC 12V
  • Output voltage: DC 4.2V 600mA
  • Charge: NP-FH100
  • Weight: 6.0 oz
  • High quality charger CE / UL Certified

System and other requirements

  • Compatible with following cameras and Camcorders
  • New 100% OEM Compatible Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery. Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Works wonderfully for:
    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX1, DSCHX1
    Sony DCR-DVD103, DCRDVD103
    Sony DCR-DVD105, DCRDVD105
    Sony DCR-DVD105E, DCRDVD105E
    Sony DCR-DVD106, DCRDVD106
    Sony DCR-DVD106E, DCRDVD106E
    Sony DCR-DVD108, DCRDVD108
    Sony DCR-DVD109, DCRDVD109
    Sony DCR-DVD109E, DCRDVD109E
    Sony DCR-DVD202, DCRDVD202
    Sony DCR-DVD202E, DCRDVD202E
    Sony DCR-DVD203, DCRDVD203
    Sony DCR-DVD203E, DCRDVD203E
    Sony DCR-DVD205, DCRDVD205
    Sony DCR-DVD205E, DCRDVD205E  
    Sony DCR-DVD305, DCRDVD305
    Sony DCR-DVD305E, DCRDVD305E
    Sony DCR-DVD306, DCRDVD306
    Sony DCR-DVD306E, DCRDVD306E
    Sony DCR-DVD308, DCRDVD308
    Sony DCR-DVD308E, DCRDVD308E
    Sony DCR-DVD403, DCRDVD403
    Sony DCR-DVD403E, DCRDVD403E
    Sony DCR-DVD404, DCRDVD404
    Sony DCR-DVD404E, DCRDVD404E
    Sony DCR-DVD405, DCRDVD405
    Sony DCR-DVD405E, DCRDVD405E
    Sony DCR-DVD406, DCRDVD406
    Sony DCR-DVD406E, DCRDVD406E
    Sony DCR-DVD407, DCRDVD407
    Sony DCR-DVD407E, DCRDVD407E
    Sony DCR-DVD408, DCRDVD408
    Sony DCR-DVD505, DCRDVD505
    Sony DCR-DVD505E, DCRDVD505E
    Sony DCR-DVD506, DCRDVD506  
    Sony DCR-DVD508, DCRDVD508
    Sony DCR-DVD602, DCRDVD602
    Sony DCR-DVD602E, DCRDVD602E
    Sony DCR-DVD605, DCRDVD605
    Sony DCR-DVD605E, DCRDVD605E
    Sony DCR-DVD610, DCRDVD610
    Sony DCR-DVD610E, DCRDVD610E
    Sony DCR-DVD650, DCRDVD650
    Sony DCR-DVD653, DCRDVD653
    Sony DCR-DVD653E, DCRDVD653E
    Sony DCR-DVD703, DCRDVD703
    Sony DCR-DVD703E, DCRDVD703E
    Sony DCR-DVD705, DCRDVD705
    Sony DCR-DVD705E, DCRDVD705E
    Sony DCR-DVD708, DCRDVD708
    Sony DCR-DVD708E, DCRDVD708E
    Sony DCR-DVD710, DCRDVD710
    Sony DCR-DVD710E, DCRDVD710E
    Sony DCR-DVD755, DCRDVD755
    Sony DCR-DVD755E, DCRDVD755E
    Sony DCR-DVD803, DCRDVD803
    Sony DCR-DVD803E, DCRDVD803E
    Sony DCR-DVD805, DCRDVD805
    Sony DCR-DVD805E, DCRDVD805E
    Sony DCR-DVD808, DCRDVD808
    Sony DCR-DVD808E, DCRDVD808E
    Sony DCR-DVD810, DCRDVD810
    Sony DCR-DVD810E, DCRDVD810E
    Sony DCR-DVD850, DCRDVD850
    Sony DCR-DVD850E, DCRDVD850E
    Sony DCR-DVD905, DCRDVD905
    Sony DCR-DVD905E, DCRDVD905E
    Sony DCR-DVD908, DCRDVD908
    Sony DCR-DVD908E, DCRDVD908E
    Sony DCR-DVD910, DCRDVD910
    Sony DCR-DVD910E, DCRDVD910E
    Sony DCR-DVD92, DCRDVD92
    Sony DCR-DVD92E, DCRDVD92E
    Sony DCR-HC16, DCRHC16
    Sony DCR-HC16E, DCRHC16E
    Sony DCR-HC17, DCRHC17
    Sony DCR-HC17E, DCRHC17E
    Sony DCR-HC18, DCRHC18
    Sony DCR-HC18E, DCRHC18E
    Sony DCR-HC19, DCRHC19
    Sony DCR-HC19E, DCRHC19E
    Sony DCR-HC20, DCRHC20
    Sony DCR-HC20E, DCRHC20E
    Sony DCR-HC21, DCRHC21
    Sony DCR-HC21E, DCRHC21E
    Sony DCR-HC22, DCRHC22
    Sony DCR-HC22E, DCRHC22E
    Sony DCR-HC23, DCRHC23
    Sony DCR-HC23E, DCRHC23E
    Sony DCR-HC24, DCRHC24
    Sony DCR-HC24E, DCRHC24E
    Sony DCR-HC26, DCRHC26
    Sony DCR-HC26E, DCRHC26E
    Sony DCR-HC27, DCRHC27
    Sony DCR-HC27E, DCRHC27E
    Sony DCR-HC28, DCRHC28
    Sony DCR-HC28E, DCRHC28E
    Sony DCR-HC30, DCRHC30
    Sony DCR-HC30E, DCRHC30E
    Sony DCR-HC30G, DCRHC30G
    Sony DCR-HC30L, DCRHC30L
    Sony DCR-HC30S, DCRHC30S
    Sony DCR-HC32, DCRHC32
    Sony DCR-HC32E, DCRHC32E
    Sony DCR-HC33, DCRHC33
    Sony DCR-HC33E, DCRHC33E
    Sony DCR-HC35, DCRHC35
    Sony DCR-HC35E, DCRHC35E
    Sony DCR-HC36, DCRHC36
    Sony DCR-HC36E, DCRHC36E
    Sony DCR-HC37, DCRHC37
    Sony DCR-HC37E, DCRHC37E
    Sony DCR-HC38, DCRHC38
    Sony DCR-HC38E, DCRHC38E
    Sony DCR-HC39, DCRHC39
    Sony DCR-HC39E, DCRHC39E
    Sony DCR-HC40, DCRHC40
    Sony DCR-HC40E, DCRHC40E
    Sony DCR-HC40S, DCRHC40S
    Sony DCR-HC40W, DCRHC40W
    Sony DCR-HC41, DCRHC41
    Sony DCR-HC41E, DCRHC41E
    Sony DCR-HC42, DCRHC42
    Sony DCR-HC42E, DCRHC42E
    Sony DCR-HC43, DCRHC43
    Sony DCR-HC43E, DCRHC43E
    Sony DCR-HC44, DCRHC44
    Sony DCR-HC44E, DCRHC44E
    Sony DCR-HC45, DCRHC45
    Sony DCR-HC45E, DCRHC45E
    Sony DCR-HC46, DCRHC46
    Sony DCR-HC46E, DCRHC46E
    Sony DCR-HC47, DCRHC47
    Sony DCR-HC47E, DCRHC47E
    Sony DCR-HC48, DCRHC48
    Sony DCR-HC48E, DCRHC48E
    Sony DCR-HC5, DCRHC5
    Sony DCR-HC52, DCRHC52
    Sony DCR-HC52E, DCRHC52E
    Sony DCR-HC62, DCRHC62
    Sony DCR-HC62E, DCRHC62E
    Sony DCR-HC65, DCRHC65
    Sony DCR-HC65E, DCRHC65E
    Sony DCR-HC7, DCRHC7
    Sony DCR-HC8, DCRHC8
    Sony DCR-HC85, DCRHC85
    Sony DCR-HC85E, DCRHC85E
    Sony DCR-HC94, DCRHC94
    Sony DCR-HC94E, DCRHC94E
    Sony DCR-HC96, DCRHC96
    Sony DCR-HC96E, DCRHC96E
    Sony DCR-SR10, DCRSR10
    Sony DCR-SR11, DCRSR11
    Sony DCR-SR12, DCRSR12
    Sony DCR-SR100, DCRSR100
    Sony DCR-SR190, DCRSR190
    Sony DCR-SR200, DCRSR200
    Sony DCR-SR200C, DCRSR200C
    Sony DCR-SR220, DCRSR220
    Sony DCR-SR290, DCRSR290
    Sony DCR-SR300, DCRSR300
    Sony DCR-SR300C, DCRSR300C
    Sony DCR-SR30, DCRSR30
    Sony DCR-SR32, DCRSR32
    Sony DCR-SR33, DCRSR33
    Sony DCR-SR40, DCRSR40
    Sony DCR-SR42, DCRSR42
    Sony DCR-SR42A, DCRSR42A
    Sony DCR-SR45, DCRSR45
    Sony DCR-SR47, DCRSR47
    Sony DCR-SR65, DCRSR65
    Sony DCR-SR50, DCRSR50
    Sony DCR-SR52, DCRSR52
    Sony DCR-SR60, DCRSR60
    Sony DCR-SR62, DCRSR62
    Sony DCR-SR67, DCRSR67
    Sony DCR-SR70, DCRSR70
    Sony DCR-SR72, DCRSR72
    Sony DCR-SR8, DCRSR8
    Sony DCR-SR80, DCRSR80
    Sony DCR-SR82, DCRSR82
    Sony DCR-SR82C, DCRSR82C
    Sony DCR-SR85, DCRSR85
    Sony DCR-SR87, DCRSR87
    Sony DCR-SR90, DCRSR90
    Sony DCR-SX40, DCRSX40
    Sony DCR-SX41, DCRSX41
    Sony DCR-SX60, DCRSX60
    Sony DCR-UX5, DCRUX5
    Sony DCR-UX7, DCRUX7
    Sony HDR-CX6, HDRCX6
    Sony HDR-CX7, HDRCX7
    Sony HDR-CX11, HDRCX11
    Sony HDR-CX12, HDRCX12
    Sony HDR-CX100, HDRCX100
    Sony HDR-CX500V, HDRCX500V
    Sony HDR-CX520V, HDRCX520V
    Sony HDR-HC3, HDRHC3
    Sony HDR-HC5, HDRHC5
    Sony HDR-HC7, HDRHC7
    Sony HDR-HC9, HDRHC9
    Sony HDR-HC28, HDRHC28
    Sony HDR-HC38, HDRHC38
    Sony HDR-HC48, HDRHC48
    Sony HDR-HC62, HDRHC62
    Sony HDR-HC96, HDRHC96
    Sony HDR-SR5, HDRSR5
    Sony HDR-SR5C, HDRSR5C
    Sony HDR-SR7, HDRSR7
    Sony HDR-SR8, HDRSR8
    Sony HDR-SR10, HDRSR10
    Sony HDR-SR11, HDRSR11
    Sony HDR-SR12, HDRSR12
    Sony HDR-SR30, HDRSR30
    Sony HDR-SR40, HDRSR40
    Sony HDR-SR42, HDRSR42
    Sony HDR-SR45, HDRSR45
    Sony HDR-SR50, HDRSR50
    Sony HDR-SR56, HDRSR56
    Sony HDR-SR60, HDRSR60
    Sony HDR-SR62, HDRSR62
    Sony HDR-SR70, HDRSR70
    Sony HDR-SR80, HDRSR80
    Sony HDR-SR82, HDRSR82
    Sony HDR-SR90, HDRSR90
    Sony HDR-SR100, HDRSR100
    Sony HDR-SR200, HDRSR200
    Sony HDR-SR220, HDRSR220
    Sony HDR-SR300, HDRSR300
    Sony HDR-TG1, HDRTG1
    Sony HDR-TG3, HDRTG3
    Sony HDR-TG5V, HDRTG5V
    Sony HDR-UX3, HDRUX3
    Sony HDR-UX5, HDRUX5
    Sony HDR-UX7, HDRUX7
    Sony HDR-UX10, HDRUX10
    Sony HDR-UX20, HDRUX20
    Sony HDR-XR100, HDRXR100
    Sony HDR-XR200V, HDRXR200V
    Sony HDR-XR500V, HDRXR500V
    Sony HDR-XR520V, HDRXR520V
    Sony Alpha DSLR-A230, DSLRA230
    Sony Alpha DSLR-A330, DSLRA330
    Sony Alpha DSLR-A380, DSLRA380
    Sony DCR-30, DCR30
    Sony HDV-1080i, HDV1080i
    and more models.

    100% compatible with Sony BC-TRP / BCTRP battery charger. Best charge the following following OEM battery part numbers and other compatible batteries:
    Sony InfoLithium P Series: NP-FP70 / NPFP70, NP-FP50 / NPFP50, NP-FP90 / NPFP90, NP-FP71 / NPFP71, NP-FP51 / NPFP51, NP-FP91 / NPFP91. Sony InfoLithium H Series: NP-FH50 / NPFH50, NP-FH60 / NPFH60, NP-FH70 / NPFH70, NP-FH100 / NPFH100.
Product dimensions and warranty information
  • Standard Warranty: 1 Year replacement warranty

Package includes

  • Young Micro 2 In 1 Sony NP-FH100 Compatible Home + 12V Car Charger For NP-FH100 Digital Camera Battery

Please note that although care has been taken in the degree of relevancy, pictures are for display purposes only, and product appearance may differ from what you see. If there are any discrepancies between the product headline, description and picture, the correct information will be in the product headline (i.e. computer systems may not come with monitors even if pictured that way). If anything is unclear, please email support before placing your order.

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