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Camera & Portable Hard Drive Cases, Backpacks & Accessories

Camera & Portable Hard Drive Cases, Backpacks & Accessories

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Camera & Portable Hard Drive Cases, Backpacks & Accessories

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Camera & Portable Hard Drive Cases, Backpacks & Accessories


We have camera and hard drive cases, backpacks, and accessories at the best price found anywhere online. When it comes to camera cases, PC Micro Store fully understands your needs, which is why we are proud to bring you a beautiful selection. Your digital camera is a sensitive piece of equipment worthy of the best quality protection whenever it isn’t in use or whenever you need to transport it. The case you choose must also be convenient to carry and a little bit of style doesn’t hurt either.


Your Source For roocase Camera Cases


As a brand, roocaes has earned a reputation of offering superior protective solutions for a number of your personal electronic devices, including your digital camera. More than just a carrying case for the device that you have in mind, roocases feature extra compartments so that you don’t ever have to be without the crucial accessories that you need. All of this is offered to you using water-repellent materials and design for the added protection that your sensitive devices deserve.


Camera Case Styles


Backpack styles afford you the freedom you need to move hands-free throughout busy locations with the knowledge that your equipment is safe and secure. Our roocase professional photo backpack styles are perfect for such a scenario and also allow you room to carry a laptop and other equipment that you may need to shoot the perfect photography session. Whether you’re looking for a camera case that you can travel long distances with or just one to hop from one nearby location to another, you’ll appreciate the comfort, style and protection that these camera cases allow.


Shoulder bag styles are great for professional settings and are comfortable to wear and carry between locations. As with all of the other roocase products we sell, our shoulder bags feature plenty of room for not only your camera, but for any other small accessories that you may need to transport. With plenty of internal and separate compartments, you’ll never have to be without extra chargers, cords, batteries or anything else needed to get the perfect shot.


Shop With Confidence


While shopping at PC Micro Store, you’ll only see the items that we have in our warehouse today. This means that every camera case you find here is ready and waiting to be shipped directly to you. We pride ourselves on offering you the best in quality camera cases 24/7 and we do so at prices which are far below retail.

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