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Drive Enclosures

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Network Case Enclosure - fit 3.5" IDE drive up to 300g - One RJ45 Port
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Manufacturer:  ARGOSY
Mfg Part # HD-363N SKU# 10502197
User rating: 1 Reviews
Customer reviews
12/26/2005 10:25 PM
Very inexpensive and easy to setup however out of the box performance was horrible. I upgraded to the latest Argosy firmware and performance improved on the dowlnload side but the upload was still very slow. I then upgraded the firmware to the latest Tritton version and performance was still the same. I then read about problem using Netscape and updating firmware. After reflashing the firmware using Internet Explorer and power cycling the device the performace improved Dramaticaly! Speeds are now reasonable on both upload/download. Speeds are ~30000Kb/s, faster if cached up and I'm using an old 20gig Maxtor drive. I haven't had any of the problems others have listed. The downside is the 4gig per file max transfer. This creates a problem when copying or creating a backup file in a lot of cases.

The Argosy HD-363N is a cost effective external network hard disk storage solution designed for the home or small office user. Connect the HD-363N external network hard disk case directly into your network through the CAT5 port located on the back of the unit. Share music, photos, movies and your data with everyone on the network simultaneously whether you are reading or writing data. Use as an FTP server, media storage server and backup critical data.  Setup is simple and only takes few minutes to be up and running.

 Key selling bullets:

  • Automatic network configuration allows for easy setup and installation
  • Backup Utility Software allows for a wide range of options to protect your critical data
  • Share music, photos, movies and your data with anyone on the network
  • Multiple computers can access the hard drive simultaneously
  • Use as an FTP Server
  • Administer the Simple NAS through a web browser interface
  • Space saving design
  • New in retail box
  • Compact aluminum case body
  • Space saving design for vertical operation
  • Supported Hard Disk: 3.5" Ultra ATA
  • Web Based Management: Yes
  • Firmware Upgradeable: Yes
  • Ports: 1 x 10/100 RJ-45 LAN Port
  • Cooling: Temperature controlled fan
  • Power Connection: External AC Adapter
  • Supports up to 300GB Hard Drives
  • Supports up to UDMA/133
  • No Max Hard Drive RPM
  • AC Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC
  • AC Input Frequency: 50-60Hz AC
  • AC Output Voltage: 12 VDC 2A
  • Package weight: 2.80lbs (no hard drive)
  • Unit Weight: 0.8lbs (no HD)
  • Network Protocols: CIFS/SMB
  • Max transfer per file: Up to 4GB

System and other requirements

  • Windows 2000 SP4//XP
  • Mac OS X or greater
  • File system: FAT 32 only
  • RJ 45 Port
  • External RJ45 port on the system / router / switch required
  • Available power outlet
  • 3.5-inch internal IDE device
  • Latest Firmware update
  • Please check the Q & A in the support page
  • Hard drive must be formatted with FAT32
  • Max transfer per file: Up to 4GB

Product dimensions and warranty information

  • Dimensions: 7.50(D) x 4.75(H) x 1.75(W) inch
  • Standard warranty: 1 year warranty

Package includes

  • One Argosy 3.5" Network Hard Disk Aluminum external enclosure
  • One A/C adapter (100-240VAC, 50-60Hz)
  • One Network cable
  • Driver on CD
  • User guide
  • Foot stand for vertical operation

Support info

 Q: Can I reset the password back to the factory default password?
A: Yes. To reset password back to factory default password: press the power switch to turn off the power and then turn on and hold the power switch for 5-10 seconds and release the button.

Q: How do I reset the HD363N?
A: To reset the HD363N, press the power switch to turn off the power and then turn on and hold the power switch for 5-10 seconds and release the button.

Q: Will data on my hard drive be erased when I reset the unit?
A: No, resetting only resets the password back to default password and the IP address back to default Auto IP address. For safety, backup your data before reset the unit.

Q: Does the HD363N support Unicode or UTF8 character file names?
A: Yes. The HD363N supports Unicode and UTF8 character file names, but the language needs to be set to the correct code page in web page set up utility.

Q: I can't map the drive nor access to the files with Windows or
FTP. What should I do?
A: The firewall may cause this problem. Try to set the firewall to allow HD363N pass through.

Q: How large of a file can I copy to HD363N?
A: A single file up to 4GB. The FAT32 file system supports a file size of up to 4GB.

Q: Does HD363N support NTFS file system?
A: No

Q: How to setup HD363N FTP server that allows people to log on from outside of my network?
A: In order to allow people to log on to your HD363N FTP server; you need a router that has Virtual Server or Port Forwarding to forward the IP address via port 21 of the HD363N. You will also need to know your WAN (Wide Area Network) IP address to log on from outside of your network. This IP address is usually provided to you from your Internet Service Provider.

Q: I can’t copy data from HD363N to my PC. What should I do?
A: If you have Norton Antivirus 2003 auto protection enabled, it might result in with copying data from your HD363N to your PC. You need to disable the anti-virus auto protection or update to a new version of Norton Antivirus.

Q: What happened to my HD363N after I upgraded my firmware? I can no longer access to the drive.
A: Your HD363N static IP address may be reset back to Auto IP address. You need to re-assign the static IP address for your HD363N.
In windows XP command prompt:
- Type: ipconfig /release
- Connect the HD363N directly to your computer
- Push the power button and hold for more than 5 seconds to power on HD363N
- Wait for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and type 'ipconfig /renew' in the command prompt
- Open a web browser and type or http://storage to login to the HD363N
After you log on to the setup page, go to IP Configuration section and choose Static IP to assign the IP address, subnet mask, and DNS for the unit.

Q: How do I setup a static IP address for HD363N?
A: Connect the HD363N directly to your computer,
wait for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and open a web browser and enter '' or 'http://storage' into your address bar to login to the HD363N.
Once in the setup page; go to the "IP Configuration" section and choose "Static IP" to assign the IP address, Subnet Mask, and DNS for the unit. (The IP address needs to be the same as your router IP address except for the last three digits. For example, if your router IP address is and the IP address that you use for HD363N should be or up to 254. )
- The Gateway is your router IP address.
- For the Subnet Mask, and DNS, you can login to your router setup and look at the status on LAN section to see more information about the Subnet Mask and DNS.

Q: How to setup HD363N for Mac?
- Make sure that SMB protocol is enabled.
Click "Go" on the menu bar and choose "Utilities". Click on "Directory
Access" and look at the SMB check box. Ensure that it is checked
to the SMB protocol.
- Open your browser and key in: http://storage/
If you can’t login, refer to the question how to setup static IP address for HD363N.
- Enter “admin” for the User Name, and enter “admin” for the Password

Q: How to map a Network Drive for Mac OS X?
- On the Desktop, click on the “Go” menu and select the “Connect to Server…” option.
-. On the “Connect to Server” window enter the path for the drive you would like to map in the “Address field.” Your path should look similar to the following:

smb://storage/Public (or any folder that you created on Folder Share). Click the “Connect” button.

For static IP address:

smb://IP_address/Public (IP_address is the IP that you assigned for the HD363N)

- On the “File System Authentication” screen enter WORKGROUP for the “Workgroup/Domain”, your username in the “Username” field. If your folder share has password then enter your folder share password in the “Password” field. Then click “OK.”

Please note that although care has been taken in the degree of relevancy, pictures are for display purposes only, and product appearance may differ from what you see. If there are any discrepancies between the product headline, description and picture, the correct information will be in the product headline (i.e. computer systems may not come with monitors even if pictured that way). If anything is unclear, please email support before placing your order.

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